The federal government passed the 21st Century Cures Act in December 2016. This law mandates the use of electronic methods for confirming and tracking consumer care services that are funded by Medicaid. According to the law, providers of personal care services had until January 1, 2021, to implement EVV, and providers of home health care services have until January 1, 2023. However, many states (including North Carolina), were granted an extension through a good-faith exemption request. North Carolina providers of personal care services now have until January 1, 2021, to become compliant. If providers do not meet the requirements of the EVV law by that date, FMAP (Federal Medical Assistance Percentage) reductions will take place. The date for HHCS providers has not changed — they still have until January 1, 2023, to implement EVV.

With the deadline for implementation just a couple of months away, you don’t have any time to spare. If you’re still searching for the right electronic visit verification software, FOCOS Innovations can help. We’re a leading provider of technologically robust and easy to integrate EVV software. It’s WCAG 2.1- and HIPAA-compliant and will assist providers in meeting the electronic visit verification requirements and provide a higher level of care. 

If you’re still trying to decide which EVV software provider to use or are considering adopting the state-chosen provider, we encourage you to take a look at FOCOS Innovations and let us give you a free 15-minute demo.

Electronic Visit Verification Requirements

According to the North Carolina Medicaid Division of Health Benefits (NCDHHS), North Carolina providers have an open model for EVV. This means providers and MCPs have a choice of using the state-contracted EVV vendor or they can choose to find their own as long as it meets all of the requirements of the law.  

At a minimum, the following information must be documented electronically:

 Date of service

  • Individual receiving the service
  • Name of individual providing the service
  • Location of service
  • Type of service performed
  • Time the service begins and ends

There are many options available that will allow you to meet the requirements of the mandate, but it’s important to consider overall ease of use and functionality since not all software is created equally. Some only provide the tools necessary to meet the most basic requirements, while others offer additional features that can improve efficiency, reporting, and communication. Before you make a decision on which software to use, make sure you have a thorough understanding of what it can offer you — as well as its limitations.

Benefits of Using Electronic Visit Verification Software From FOCOS Innovations

As previously mentioned, not all electronic visit verification software is alike. At FOCOS Innovations, we’re dedicated to providing technology-based solutions that will not only help you ensure compliance, but will also provide many additional features for improving productivity, reducing costs, and providing better quality of care. The following is a list of just a few of the key features of our EVV software:

  • Role-Based Access Controls — Ensure only approved members within the circle of support have access to the information they need.
  • Easy Integration — Works with current health care systems.
  • Comprehensive Documentation — Keep provider notes, consumer comments, and even photos all in one location for ease of access.
  • GPS Tracking — Allows you to see where services have been provided in real-time.
  • Simplified Reporting — Access data and create custom reports without having to dig through piles of paperwork.
  • Convenient Mobile App — Document services at the point of care for better accuracy. Access consumer information and care records from any connected mobile device.

The EVV software from FOCOS Innovations is far more than just a simple proof-of-visit program. Contact a member of our team to schedule a free demo and learn how our EVV software can help you.

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Adopting new technology can either be viewed as a help or a hindrance. Although you may not have a choice in whether or not to use EVV, if you’re a provider in North Carolina, you do have a choice of which supplier to work with for electronic visit verification software. Why not choose software that can provide you with additional features that will help make your life easier by connecting people with the information they need to provide better quality of care?

Unfortunately, you’re running out of time and the deadline will be here before you know it. If you’re still trying to figure out how you’re going to comply with the EVV mandate, contact a member of our team today and ask about scheduling a free software demonstration. We’d be happy to explain the features of our software and show you how it’s different from many others that are currently on the market. 

Meet the January 1, 2021 compliance deadline, implement a robust EVV solution, and empower people with the tools they need to achieve better health outcomes — you can do it all with FOCOS Innovations. Call today.