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HCBS operations may vary from state to state, but the electronic visit verification software from FOCOSconnect is equipped with the tools you need to ensure compliance and reduce the amount of time spent on reporting, audits, and more. It’s compliant with all state and federal regulations, has a user-friendly interface, and features endless integration opportunities. ‘

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Features of Our Electronic Visit Verification Software

Service delivery confirmation +
Real-time access to information +
User-friendly interface +
Unlimited role-based access controls +
User-friendly interface +
GPS tracking +
WCAG 2.1 and HIPAA compliant +

Ensure EVV Compliance

Our HIPAA-compliant platform meets all federally mandated electronic visit verification requirements.

Tools For State Agencies

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Service Tracking

Real-time service tracking for better communication and fewer errors

Real-Time Insight Into the Data You Need

Regardless of a States’ protocol for HCBS operations, the FOCOSconnect EVV software was designed to connect state agencies, managed care organizations, and home care providers by providing one source for communicating and documenting all aspects of service delivery. Those who still use manual processes can expect greater workflow efficiencies and a reduction in claim errors when switching to an electronic system for documentation, but because FOCOSconnect is cloud-based, you can always be assured that you’re seeing the most current, up-to-date information. This level of visibility helps state agencies effectively manage millions of dollars in Medicaid claims in a way that ensures greater accuracy and a higher rate of consumer satisfaction.

Ensure Consumers Are Getting the Care They Deserve

The primary focus for any state agency is to ensure that consumers are getting the care they need and deserve. Using an electronic system that allows you to access consumer-specific information and service details in real-time is the easiest way to validate they are getting the right type of care and service hours they are authorized to receive. Using an all-in-one system not only supports greater accountability but also makes auditing providers much faster and easier.

Reduce Documentation Errors

It’s estimated that over 80% of health care errors are administrative in nature and much of them can be attributed to manual processes such as hand-written documentation. To make matters worse, insufficient documentation is to blame for more than 90% of claim denials. Both of these statistics can be significantly reduced just through the implementation of electronic visit verification software. FOCOSconnect makes it easy to complete documentation at the point of service and then safely stores it away electronically.

Ensure Compliance

According to the EVV mandate, care providers must electronically document several key pieces of data pertaining to the delivery of certain Medicaid-funded services. If states wish to not have their FMAP reduced, it’s important that state agencies monitor providers for compliance with the regulation. The EVV software from FOCOS Innovations simplifies auditing with the creation of one central location to house information and the ability to create custom reports to quickly see if consumer needs are being met.

Eliminate Fraud

Medicaid fraud is a huge problem that affects everyone. It costs taxpayers millions of dollars and takes money away from the people who genuinely require it for their health. With FOCOSconnect, state agencies can achieve a new level of oversight to ensure claims payments align with service delivery hours and confirm that consumers are receiving the service hours they are authorized to receive.

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