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Service Scheduling and Tracking

Electronic Visit Verification

Instant Notifications

Care Documentation


Mobile App

Enabling Better Care With Intelligent EVV Software

FOCOS Innovations has created a HIPAA-compliant electronic visit verification software that can easily integrate into your current system. With it, you’ll have dozens of tools right at your fingertips that will enable you to streamline scheduling and documentation tasks, improve communication between caregivers and consumers, and enhance quality of care. Learn more about all of the features of our EVV software and how it can help you increase productivity while maintaining a people-centered approach.

Historical Tracking

Service Scheduling and Tracking

  • Multi-Service Visit Tracking
  • Service Start Alerts
  • Track Multiple Consumers in One Visit
  • Assign Caregivers Based on Proximity

Electronic Visit Verification

Electronic Visit Verification

  • WCAG 2.1 and HIPAA-compliant
  • View Visit Status
  • Track Visits With GPS Technology
  • See Service Task Details

Real Time Alerts

Instant Notifications

  • Communicate in Real-Time
  • Scheduling Change Notice
  • Start and Stop Visit Alerts
  • Circle of Support Notifications

Consumer Relationship Management

Care Documentation

  • Role-Based Access Controls
  • Document Service Details
  • Add Provider Notes
  • Add Consumer Comments

Complete Service Management


  • Access Real-Time Information
  • See Metrics By Provider or Consumer
  • MCO and Third-Party Access
  • Permission-Based Control Over Access

mobile app

Mobile App

  • Simplify Service Documentation
  • GPS and Mileage Tracking
  • View Assigned Consumers
  • Multiple Signature Configurations


Does your solution require a scheduling tool to be used for EVV to work?

NO, we do however have a robust scheduling feature and the user has the option to flag each service to use the scheduler or not.

Can you track provider notes, consumer comments, and photos within your solution?

YES, within our EVV mobile application the user can take a photo IN-APP, take notes, the consumer can add comments, and details are stored in the visit record.

Can your solution support multiple rates per service?

YES, you can select a bill rate, pay rate, and can store multiple rates for each. The user can make their selection at the time a service is scheduled or rendered.

Is your solution complaint with healthcare Industry security requirements?

YES, our solution is complaint with applicable compliance dictated by HITECH, HIPAA, NIST-800, and FIPS-140.

Does your solution work when the user has no internet connection or has poor data connection on their mobile device?

YES, our solution will locally store certain amount of information surrounding the completion of the visit.  However, our solution will require synchronization to server to upload and download information, no EVV solution in the market can work fully offline 100% of the time.

Does your solution allow for group visits with multiple consumers?

NOT YET, however in January 2020 a provider serving multiple consumers in a group setting will be available. Each visit record will be by consumer but linked to the ‘group visit’ as it was rendered.