FOCOS SOLUTIONS promote the right care at the right time, reducing claim losses, and costly emergency room visits, while always maintaining compliance.

At FOCOS Innovations, the consumers’ independence and their ability to achieve the highest quality of life is our passion.

Key Features

Seamlessly Connecting Your HCBS Operations

Our Solution Platform has a robust proprietary permissions engine that provides transparent real-time operational access for all entities and individuals contributing to the consumers’ care including the consumer. Our solutions are provisioned to connect the consumer, their family members, caregivers, administrative staff, managing entities, financial management providers, and more. Our solution connects everyone: No special portals needed.


The Ultimate Service Management & EVV Experience

Our Service Manage Module provides you a real-time 360-degree view of your consumers and caregivers’ schedules and the status of every visit. Our solution has extensive integration options providing the power to management by exception.



Solutions Expertise You Can Count On

Are you searching for a proven way to increased productivity, experience sustainability, realize substantial cost savings, built in an environment to manage by exception? Our experienced team can help you make the change that matters.

Business Process Optimization

Business Process Analysis & Mapping ~ Process Standardization ~ Streamline Workflows ~ Streamline Operations ~ Automation ~ Measure & Monitor Process Performance

Revenue Life Cycle and Skilled Nursing Operations

Accounts Receivable Management ~ Process Improvement from Admission through Discharge and Receipt of Payment ~ Automation of Manual Processes ~ Business Objective and Operational Gap Analysis ~ Extensive Skilled Nursing Operational Experience ~ Cash Management and Fiscal Transparency ~ Development and Implementation of Collection Tools and Strategies ~ A/R review and Account Management Optimization ~ Days of Sale Outstanding (DSO) ~ Reduction Complex Medicaid HMO Billing

Project Mangement

Large or Small Healthcare Projects ~ Process Analysis ~ Project Planning ~ Requirements Management ~ Scope Development ~ Training Product / Program Implementation ~ Streamlined Business Practices


Caring and Concern is the Ultimate Connection

Supporting Consumers’ and their independence is our priority. All FOCOS Solutions’ provide Consumers and their support team access to real-time data and key functionality for participation in care planning and caregiver service activities.

Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world.
For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.
– Margaret Mead