Service Scheduling Software

FOCOS Innovations’ Service Central module can make scheduling, tracking, and communicating service visits easier than ever.

Simplify Scheduling

Check calendars, assign caregivers, and coordinate care

Service Tracking

Meet electronic visit verification requirements with GPS tracking

Improve Communication

Send real-time alerts to communicate urgent care matters

Core Attributes Of Our Service Scheduling Software

Flexible Scheduling Options +
Schedule Visits on the Fly +
Communicate Scheduling Changes Quickly +
Start and Stop Visit Alerts +
Historical Tracking +
Service Task Details +
User-friendly Mobile App +

Looking for service scheduling software?

FOCOS Innovations has taken that complexity out of service scheduling by creating a software module that easily integrates into your current healthcare software system. It helps home- and community-based service providers manage and streamline service scheduling with tools that will help you stay organized, work more efficiently, and provide a more personalized level of care.

Flexible Scheduling Options

Scheduling isn’t something that you can do once on Monday and then forget about it until the following week. Consumers’ needs change, and availability of caregivers also changes. In order to keep everything running smoothly, you need to be able to make scheduling changes on the fly. With our Service Central module, you can view schedules, access authorized services, and identify the location of authorized care providers. Making a last-minute change? It’s no problem because you can send real-time notifications right to any connected mobile device.

Historical Tracking

Get instant access to consumer records and historical data so you can make informed decisions for the consumer and your business. Auditing is easy because our service scheduling software allows you to access service details and consumer notes, sort information and create custom reports. Identify areas for improvement by filtering for missed, late, or extended visits. With a user-friendly interface and searchable dashboard, you can find just what you need, quickly and easily.


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Key Features

of Our Service Central Module

Connecting People

Keep everyone in the circle of support in-the-know with secure, role-based access to service information and care planning.

Empowering Independence

With real-time access to information, caregivers can make the best decisions that also align with consumers’ goals and expectations.

Helping You Succeed

Operate more efficiently and reduce costs by streamlining functions and reducing unnecessary paperwork.

Putting the Focus On People

At FOCOS Innovations, we are dedicated to elevating the healthcare experience by creating innovative technology that solves problems and puts people at the center of care. Managing and scheduling care services has its challenges, and when you’re working with people, there’s no room for error. That’s why we’ve created a tool that can assist with person-centered care planning. Our service scheduling software can help you stay organized, work more efficiently, and provide a higher level of care.

Already have a healthcare software system? No problem! You don’t have to install a complete new system, our Service Central module is designed to work with your current one. It’s the perfect way to make whatever you’re using, even better.  

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