Healthcare workers already have a challenging job, but the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t making things any easier. Keeping caregivers as safe as possible during this trying time should be the top priority for agencies, after all, without them, millions of people all over the world would be without the care they need. In today’s post from FOCOS Innovations, we want to discuss how service management software can help reduce the need for some person-to-person contact related to administrative duties while facilitating better communication for you and your caregivers. Keep reading to learn more.

Facilitate Remote Work

Caregivers will always be on the front line, but part of their job also involves maintaining accurate service records, communicating with family members, and ensuring compliance with electronic visit verification mandates. Most of these functions are often handled through a computer system that is accessed at an office. Having your caregivers spend time doing paperwork at a central location with other employees is not only unnecessary and inefficient, but it also creates an added risk that can easily be avoided.

Service management software from FOCOS Innovations provides added functionality to your existing healthcare software so caregivers, managers, and support staff can do more from the safety of their own homes. Consumer records and service history can be accessed quickly and easily from any connected device using the FOCOS app. This means all approved members in the circle of support have instant access to the information they need when they need it.

Caregivers not only have the option of being able to access paperwork at home, but they can also document details of each service visit right at the point of care. This is both beneficial for the consumer and time-saving for the caregiver. Notes recorded at the point of care are more detailed and accurate, and they allow others within the system to have the most up to date information possible.

Improve Communication

When your staff is trying to keep their distance, you need a way to maintain a high level of communication so that everyone can stay in the know — something that’s particularly important when you’re dealing with people’s health. Service management software from FOCOS Innovations can make it easier to communicate with coworkers and consumers with a mobile app that sends messages in real-time. Now you can send scheduling updates, relay consumer preferences, and send circle of support notifications from anywhere, on any connected mobile device. 

Improved communication also helps to reduce stress and makes for happier employees. When caregivers have instant access to everything they need to do their job, they can work on what’s most important — taking care of the people who need them — instead of having to worry about running into an office to do paperwork. By giving them the best tools for the job, caregivers can rest easy knowing that they can do their job more effectively while being exposed to less risk.

Improve Productivity

Caregivers are already in high demand, and it always seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. The added stress of having so much to do can take a toll on their health and put them at greater risk of getting sick. Help your staff do more without creating additional stress with service management tools that allow them to document notes quickly on their mobile phone, review consumer service plans, and meet EVV requirements with a robust software with built-in GPS technology. With our software, you can streamline processes, work more efficiently, and boost productivity. 

About FOCOS Innovations

FOCOS Innovations is the creator of a modular, web-based software called FOCOSconnect. It was designed to easily integrate with your current healthcare system to provide homecare providers and managed care organizations with added functionality for improved compliance and better quality of care. 

Our software is both WCAG 2.1 and HIPAA compliant and is aligned with MITA (Medicaid Information Technology Architecture). Role-based access controls allow all approved members with the circle of support to be able to see important data specific to their role. Much more than just a simple scheduling calendar or messaging center, here are just some of the features you’ll appreciate:

  • Consumer relationship management
  • Service tracking
  • Scheduling of visits and tasks
  • Electronic visit verification 
  • Real-time data communication 
  • Instant notifications 
  • Convenient mobile app
  • Custom reports
  • GPS tracking

For more information on the features and benefits of our technology, visit our solutions page on our website.

Take Care of Your Care Providers With FOCOS Innovations

Care providers selflessly put themselves at risk every day, but you can help lessen their exposure by giving them the tools they need to be able to do more of their work at home. With FOCOS Innovations, you’ll be able to do just that, plus provide a higher level of care to consumers. Using technology to improve communication, reduce errors, and manage by exception is the best way to grow your business while providing better quality of care. Contact a member of our team today to schedule a live demo and see what FOCOS can do for you!