Electronic Visit Verification Software BENEFITS

All personal care services delivered to Medicaid recipients are required to be electronically verified. Find out how FOCOS Innovations’ Service Central module can provide you with the flexible, secure, solution you’ve been looking for.


Meet compliance requirements for electronic verification of care services!


Get the most current information with real-time scheduling


Real-time service tracking for better communication and fewer errors


Improved Compliance +
Reduced Fraud +
Reduced Claim Errors +
Reduced ER Visits +
Increased Productivity +
Increased Quality of Care +

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Service Management Tools

FOCOS Innovations offers a comprehensive, modular, web-based platform called FOCOSconnect. If you’re looking for complete service management to assist with tracking, scheduling, and reporting of care services and visits, the Service Central and EVV modules are for you. Consumer relationship management, service scheduling, and electronic visit verification have never been easier!


Take the complexity out of scheduling management and increase productivity with flexible service scheduling. Our software gives you the tools to efficiently manage all of your consumers while boosting caregiver satisfaction and without compromising the quality of care. With our Service Central module, you can schedule, track, and verify service visits 24 hours a day, seven days a week and real-time alerts send notification of scheduling changes.  

Electronic Visit Verification

Log service visits easily and accurately with one digital platform connecting the full circle of support including care providers, state agencies, consumers, and family members. Our permissions-based platform is WCAG 2.1 and HIPAA-compliant, allowing you to securely document when and where services have been delivered using built-in GPS tracking. Improve transparency, meet compliance requirements, and promote better consumer-centered care with one comprehensive solution.


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Key Features

of Our Service Central Module

Electronic Visit Verification

The Service Central module is WCAG 2.1 and HIPAA-compliant meets electronic visit verification requirements, giving providers the ability to validate when and where services have been delivered using GPS-tracking for greater transparency and accountability.

Flexible Scheduling Options

Optimize scheduling based on care plans and the availability and location of authorized care providers. Make instant scheduling changes based on consumer needs and send up-to-the-minute alerts to caregivers and consumers.

Service Exception Management

Keep track of services and visits that fall outside of the normal care plan. Users can access the mobile app to get real-time alerts, reference caregiver and consumer notes, and add service task details.

Tracks Real-Time Visit Status

Monitor visit frequency by accessing real-time information with the ability to filter by completed, late, missed, extended, adjusted visits

Accessible To All Stakeholders

Unlimited role-based permission controls make it easy for all parties within the circle of support to stay connected and access the data they need, thereby reducing errors and allowing caregivers to provide the right care at the right time. By offering consumers instant access to their own health plan, they are more likely to take an active role, ask questions, and comply with treatment.

Flexible Mobile Device Options

Seamlessly connect providers without having to purchase specialized hardware. Providers can use their own phones to collaborate and stay informed of critical information in real-time using our intuitive, user-friendly mobile app.

Real-time Transactions

Having the most up to date information could be a matter of life and death when you’re dealing with someone’s health. With Service Central from FOCOS Innovations, you’ll always have access to real-time data and reporting for the most effective care management possible

Custom Interfaces

Streamline processes and optimize workflow through a customizable dashboard that allows users to select the data they want to see. Filter to view compliance metrics, financial reports, and service task details.

Compliant with State Integration Requirements

Service Central complies with the Medicaid Information Technology Architecture initiative. This means it is designed with superior integration capabilities, allowing for ease of communication between multiple platforms.

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Committed to Empowering Independence

FOCOS Innovations has provided home care technology that connects everyone in a consumer’s circle of support. This allows providers to offer the ultimate in care through effective tracking, monitoring, and communication. We believe that by putting people at the center of care, better health outcomes are achieved. That’s why we are dedicated to  delivering innovative technology that pairs convenience and flexibility with unparalleled reporting and real-time information all in one secure platform. No other system is better at meeting the challenges of home- and community-based healthcare.

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