About Our Home Healthcare Solutions


FOCOS Innovations was started by Julie Jester, a leader and innovator in the Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) arena, with over 25 years of industry expertise. After decades experiencing the pitfalls and inefficiencies of the HCBS industry, FOCOS Innovations was the brainchild created with one goal in mind – reimagine and transform home care.

Now more than ever, patients and families are in dire need of effective home-based care, but today’s healthcare landscape presents significant challenges. Home and Community-Based Services are overwhelmed and overburdened with administrative tasks.

We’re here to change that and let them focus on what matters most – their clients.

At FOCOS Innovations, we are sharply focused on revolutionizing the HCBS industry through person-centered solutions that can help reimagine and transform home care. From decades of experience, we have seen first-hand the disparate systems and processes and have developed a true understanding of the pain points within the industry. FOCOS Innovations was born out of a need for change, and through our purpose-driven mission, we’ve developed robust solutions designed to deliver positive outcomes in the dynamic and competitive HCBS environment.


Our mission is to continually raise the bar of the HCBS by using technology to put customers at the center of their care and empower businesses to maximize their success. We believe this mission is an important step to improving the quality of living and outcomes for those depending on home care. We will continue to push at the boundaries of how technology can improve the home care customer experience and help make care providers more competitive on a national level.


Home care should be simple, effective, and transparent. Our team is a catalyst for transforming the home care market – driving innovation daily to improve patient outcomes while improving operational efficiency and compliance. Our solutions provide a unified platform connecting caregivers, administration, and consumers enabling communication, transparency, and visibility.

Our Oaths


Others First

We believe the measure of ones’ success is when your contribution enhances and empowers another individual’s happiness and independence….

Accountable Leadership

We listen, learn, plan and strategize, operate only as a TEAM, and persevere regardless of obstacles or burdens, with full recognition of dedicated accomplishments….

TEAM Commitment

We are not simply a team of people working together, we are a ‘Shatterproof Force Committed to Exceeding Expectations’, a true TEAM….

Honesty and Integrity

We do what is right regardless of the consequences and demonstrate exceptional moral character in all that we do….

Sound Respect and Discipline

We self-reflect each day, and identify ways to improve to ensure every individual we engage receives our very best….



“I have been with FOCOS Innovations since the beginning and over that time I have enjoyed providing my skills in Quality Assurance to the company. I really enjoy working closely with the members of the Software Development team and the management team. Our product is extremely flexible, supporting several different clients, all with different needs and desires. This allows me to stretch my skills in testing our product and never allows one to get tired of testing the same thing over and over. This is a great place to work if you want a new challenge each day and want to expand your skills.”

Edward Dains

“The FOCOS online system has allowed us to capture, track, and analyze diagnoses like Autism. One in every 55 kids is being diagnosed with Autism. Last year in our State, a bill was sponsored to directly deal with Autism. We were able to provide supporting documentation from the FOCOS online to State Legislature and the Governor’s Office so that DD services could be compared with the Department of Education. This data allowed the State Legislature for Health and Human Services to compare to data other state-wide offices.”

– John New, SD Program Specialist,
Division of Developmental Disabilities

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