4 Benefits of Using EVV Software From FOCOS Innovations

Learn about all of the ways our EVV software can make your life easier.

FOCOS Innovations is dedicated to elevating the healthcare experience by creating innovative and collaborative technology for home- and community-based service providers. If you’ve been searching for an EVV software that can do far more than just provide point-of-service documentation, keep reading. Our EVV software is designed to solve many of the common challenges service providers face.

Optimize Caregiver Availability


The EVV software from FOCOS Innovations simplifies service scheduling by offering tools that make it easier to track caregiver availability and consumer needs. With a flexible service scheduling interface that allows you to access caregiver schedules, identify the location of authorized care providers, and make last-minute scheduling changes, you can optimize caregiver scheduling and improve efficiency.

Improve Employee Retention


Retaining experienced caregivers is necessary for the success of your agency as well as for maintaining a high level of care. One way to boost your employee retention rate is by investing in technology that supports better communications and makes their job easier. With the EVV software and mobile app from FOCOS Innovations, caregivers have instant access to the information they need and can complete documentation at the point of care.

Easy to Use


Technology can simplify processes and allow you to do more with the resources you have, but only if it’s easy to use. Fortunately, the EVV software from FOCOS Innovations was designed with your needs in mind. It’s intuitive interface, custom reporting options, and extensive integration capabilities make it the ideal solution for home-and community-based healthcare providers.

Enhanced Communication and Reporting


EVV software is a regulatory necessity, but choosing the right EVV software can promote a true collaborative care environment. At FOCOS Innovations, we’ve designed our EVV software with features that enhance communication and reporting such as unlimited role-based access, online-offline capability, and the ability to send real-time notifications. It’s software that not only improves compliance, but it’s also software that gives you all the tools you need to provide better care, ensure happy employees, and grow your business.

Are you interested in learning more about the EVV software that combines convenience and flexibility with enhanced communication tools that connect everyone in the circle of support? Schedule a free demo with one of the FOCOS Innovations team members today to see firsthand how our EVV software can help you provide a higher level of care.